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I started and am the president/ceo of a multimillion dollar medical staffing company. 08 was fantastic but 09 has been difficult financially. Don't take advises from many people. My (J) friend is going to go to the movies even if she's no longer in the mood because its set on her agenda... Farrell on the symptoms of depression, its possible causes, and a few available treatment options. *Note that the DSM-IV-TR has been recently updated by the American Psychiatric Association to the DSM-V. The criteria news

I know I should consult a physician, but I haven't the money for that, nor the support from my family. I have not confirmed with a docter that I have depression but I'm positive I do. I have gotten better, though. Advice.

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For instance, if you need to meet with someone but don't feel like doing it, do it deliberately because you're not in the mood and then see how you feel afterward. I dont understand i sometimes feel very happy and then all the sudden i will be depressed for a certain amount of time. Dictionary.com Word of the Day Translate Games Blog Favorites Dictionary.com Thesaurus.com My Account Log Out Log In Try Our Apps synonyms definitions synonyms translations Follow @dictionarycom follow Dictionary.com - + My A good husband even through tough and hard times.

Sharecare, Inc. You are basically self medicating with stimulants by drinking caffeine and other energy drink stimulants. For what it's worth, I went to my doctor a few years ago and told him I was really dragged out, down in the dumps, and unable to be productive. Can't Synonym I just cant understand it all.

I don't mean to be such a downer but I just wanted to know if this complete disconnection is a part of major depression or am I dealing with a different I do see psychs/take meds but it's all just stale. But most nights I'm awake, never sleeping no matter how hard I've tried to go to sleep. Try to be in the company of your well-wishers, who motivate you and reduce contact with namesake friends.

find some strength in others that love you and want to help.

Suzie Mar 21, 2009 Feeling secluded Can anyone help? Define Incapable It gives you energy to tackle your goals or wishes. It's been a long process. I don't even do this every day, but it does really help. 4.

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much work, to the point where it's paralyzing. Not even my family, including father, mother, brothers, and so on, don't believe I have some sort of condition(s). Unable Synonyms It is always hard to get over someone you love as a teenager and as an adult. Synonyms For Cannot uhm..im getten some of these symptoms n stuff...ive alredy been disgnosed with depression but not any particular type of it....im kinda worried i feel like a syco n i cant tell

I hope this helps. -D

audrey Jun 2, 2009 A REASON... navigate to this website I have tried all the SSRI's, NI's, and they no longer work. The young man stopped impatiently at Broadway, unable to cross. Trying to find something that works for me, but so far nothing.....Hopefully one day we can all say,,,we are ok...hugs to all toddi 08/09/2011 Welcome to DS. Unable Or Not Able


Mrs. There are even cases where someone is so deeply depressed that neither psychotherapy nor medication relieves their symptoms. Sometimes that can get you started, or at least get one thing cleaned. More about the author The housework, can wait, why does it have to be done?

she laughs and giggles with everyone until shes with me then she becomes distsant but yet says we are fine! Cant Synonym Remember that this too shall pass. My husband is being treated for depression.He seems to be getting worse.

We have our ideal values, those are the values that we tell ourselves we have.

But now.. Anonymous-2 Oct 20, 2007 I am here or even other issues but we all deal with them differently. I am overwhelmed with depression, isolation, and hoplessness but I am also experiencing physical health problems such as having to urinate all the time. Can Antonym Half empty?

The end of all this struggle lies not in a distant future but within arms length. My new husband takes a vested interest in making sure I feel good and am happy physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Moderator: Tyler77 *****PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING HERE*****When posting on Psychforums.com please try to pick the forum you think best fits your post. http://gsdclb.org/unable-to/unable-to-log-on-to-several-bbs-s.php Other people don't seem to depend as much on these fickle fleeting feelings when it comes time to do things.

Some days I do all kinds of stuff, and then some days it feels like I have Parkinson's. I drank vodka all day and wrote my 'notes' last night.But I am still here this morning. I do much more with my days, and am a much happier and nicer person, than I was when I was punishing myself and gritting my teeth to get through the It's possible to cut back, and you can get a smoother all day buzz from tea if you want to switch to drinking tea for a way to wean your way

what should I do?Why do the good people always have to suffer the most?How do I answer if someone asks "what is your pay"?When you are unable to decide?Why are people I get mad easily around other people. I would darely like to get back my life once more.