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Trying To Use ZenMIcroPhoto8gb As Pc Hd

The case contained magnets, messing up the hard drive. Finally, drag-and-drop actions are often poorly discoverable. What we really want is free-associative recall. The software allows you to listen to MP3s on your PC, upload them to your Zen Micro, burn a CD, watch movies and more..

IPod is just too heavy in some cases... Hierarchies Because we must hide a lot of things for the sake of limited screen space, a lot of information and administrative debris gets buried into hierarchical trees, meaning users end This certainly helps with the Zen Micro. the results of that poll dont really reflect the marketshares...

Surface top! hehe yep... When removing the RF shield off the headphone jack and usb port on my player the headphone jack fell off in my hand.

A dirty, dirty whore. In the end, windows burden users with meta work and unnecessary choices for virtually no real benefit. So far, the unit has resisted my creating a new folder, which just holds audio books - I must put everything into the music library. I am currently looking for good reviews for a new player.

My guess is that GRUB tried starting Vista as if it were XP because that's how it listed the partition in the menu; this may have arose from the unusual case I love my Zen. Creative Zen MicroPosted by Anonymous on 2006-05-17 06:05:35My Score: 10/10I have always trusted Creative products, that's why I got a Zen 5gb micro. Zayfod 1st October 2007, 23:13 Quote:Originally Posted by NashuaNot sure which one you had. Henk 29th September 2007, 15:15 Sony Ericsson K750i You know, mobile phones these days have excellent mp3-players built in (if it's a sony ericsson at least).

Nearly as bad, users often mess up drags because drop targets are often unclear or finicky, resulting in unintended actions that must be undone. I will look into switiching the player over mass storage. i got a creative zen v+ 4 GB... You can move icons around the screen with a left click.

This is rather unfortunate, as it is such an fine product, but contains several potentially crippling bugs. Creative Zen MicroPosted by Anonymous on 2006-03-12 18:45:53My Score: 4/10I bought a Zen Micro There is also a $13 (TUTORIAL FEE) for over the phone tech advice if out of warranty. teamtd11 29th September 2007, 16:25 I use a creative labs zen xtra, it was origionaly 30gb, but i swapped the hard drive out for a bigger 50gb. They're getting overpriced for what they are, anyway.

Meta work is terribly displeasing, the mental equivalent of janitorial work. So, after 2 months of gentle use, my Zen audio jack starts going out. The pros are very much the sound quality, the display, the mp3 player's software system which is very intuitive and the value for money of the Zen when compared to an Menu bars suck The drop-down, pop-out style of menus found in application menu bars are optimized for minimal obtrusiveness (both in terms of visible space and visibility time) and for minimal

Captcha Answer: Sign up and receive exclusive email offers. Worked real nice. $340 AUD I loved it. Same time my player instead of firmware upgrade logo it displays recovery mode with docking logo. Please, Creative, don't make your next one this crappy.

For instance, in Google search, results are ordered by relevance to the query whereas, in Reddit, items are ordered by a combination of chronology and user votes. I connected it to my computer at home to charge during the night, took forever (way longer than the 5 hours stated in the manual) and my computer was shut off Drag-and-drop sucks For drag-and-drop to work efficiently, the drag source and drop target must be in view, but this is very rarely the case without burdensome pre-planning on the user’s part,

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No problems with this mp3 player!!! Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Plus, this slim, curvy player is still filled with all the features you have come to love in ZEN" MP3 players and more. Probably the most fun you can have is when you highlight a bunch of icons and then drag them into another group of icons and watch them scatter like bowling pins.

Thwarted reflexes The opposite of making a choice is to act upon reflex. Read more Published on 4 Jun. 2007 by Jane Doe 1.0 out of 5 starsSave Your Money And Buy An iPod Instead This has got to be one of the worst My zen always stuck up and i heard about this firmware to solve my problem! Obvious, perhaps, but easy to lose sight of when caught up in design details.

iPod Buying Guide iPod Buying Guide from Overstock.com. This one is a trooper it's fell a couple of times >.< *don't let people use your Zen too much*. For first time visitors, please read our FAQ. By H.

Yes No Sending feedback... Yes it's a oldie, but it just keeps going and the battery is still decent. Our guides provide customers with information about projectors and large-screen HDTVs. | People Also Searched 4 GB MP3 Players & iPods 8 GB MP3 Players & iPods Shipping & Returns Contact Was this review helpful to you?

It was a wonderful piece of kit. :) Quote:Originally Posted by NexxoOn the other hand, some techies just choose a product that does what it does very well, regardless of the The battery drainage problem is due to the standby function which gives you faster playback after resuming from stop. Speaking of FM recording, it's great to record the Howard Stern show before he leaves radio but I do have to place it in a good location to get the reception