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Trying To Update Software Written In .NET

Your general decision that .NET is unsuitable for start-ups or that .NET programmers aren't good enough is not objective. But we aren't talking to programmers here either. Many of you run .NET in critical production scenarios. Updating is in the background, doesn't interrupt the user, and does not require a reboot. http://gsdclb.org/trying-to/trying-to-instsall-fax-software.php

It was a large and complicated codebase, running in a single data center, and it took up to a month to release an update – after it was finished and tested It is a highly customisable and flexible language. … And I have seen a bunch of crap written in PHP. If .NET 4.0 or 4.5 or 4.5.1 install exists on my PC today, will this install still exists after 6 months or somehow like my from IT or Microsoft update, will Nice.

Well, besides being standard business practice, making sure that an update doesn't take down your critical services, there are still two possibilities. What?!? For those of you referencing products like BizTalk, you can still compile with current requirements for .NET 4.5. How can I fix my system that I can update the program folders?

MS16-155 seems to suggest otherwise. 3 months ago Reply Stacey Haffner [MSFT] Yes, the vulnerability only applies to .NET Framework 4.6.2. Or is it when you realize that the remoting calls are leaking sockets all over the place and you can't fix it? Another ironic thing is that I am embarrassed that I spent a few years of my life developing software in PHP. Last modified Mar 28, 2006 at9:59AM Cider vulgrin wrote: Its helpful sometimes to prove that others have built similar scale apps and succeeded in a commercial market with that technology.

However, if you need to make a 1.7 oz burger, you simply can't.  There's no button for it.  The patties are pre-formed in the wrong size.  They start out frozen so If you want to use the latest bugfixes, you need to upgrade the framework you target. Now let me clarify -- .NET is a dandy language.  It's modern, it's fancy, it's got all the bells and whistles.  And if you're doing Windows Mobile 7 apps (which the stats That was so fast in my humble opinion. 1 year ago Reply Bertrand Le Roy @soner: If you are on 4.5 or 4.5.1, my understanding is that you should upgrade to

It could add extra keystrokes but they'd still show up on the command line. In what way, specifically, is my code not "real code"? We choose to write C/C++ for performance reasons. Perhaps before you start judging people on the tools they use, you should learn what those tools actually are?  FM March 25, 2011 at 2:14 pm This is probably the

of course, you're allowed to have your opinions. I'd never work for a company like this, especially if you come off with this kind of crap regularly. let say the issue later turns out nothing to do with .net framework? Last modified Mar 28, 2006 at11:19AM cyberneticloop I found these facts about Myspace impressive.

Sounds interesting. http://gsdclb.org/trying-to/trying-to-find-software-that-will-straighten-crooked-scan-images.php See, experience is cheap.  All it takes is time.  Skill is harder, but really only requires hard work -- a lot of people can get that.  But attitude.  You either have Military Veteran Home Buyer Program 4. share edited Jun 13 '11 at 10:36 answered Feb 23 '10 at 21:09 Wyatt O'Day 1,54812025 By 'Support for wonky corporate internet' do you mean bypassing the proxy issues?

Give me a little credit. A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 that could allow an attacker to access information that is defended by the Always Encrypted feature. Just saying.  ach March 26, 2011 at 7:39 am This is overly ridiculous. have a peek at these guys Microsoft designs for tool jockies.

From my point of view, there's a number of levels of "coolness" in auto-updating.Now, all this assumes you're NOT using ClickOnce. Service Fabric is available on Azure today, and you’ll be able to run it on your own servers (or hosted on other cloud providers), as part of the Azure Stack technical Matter of fact, I bet you, as CIO, are the best developer on your team, at least in your mind.

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As a Microsoft Insider as well as having many Comptia certs and I have been using computers since 1983 I have a unique perspective look into this matter. Is there a rollback option if these updates break my apps? while I agree with your statements about the limitations that .net has - because I lived with them for 9 years - I think you're missing the real point of a Open in Desktop Download ZIP Find file Branch: master Switch branches/tags Branches Tags 7zip delete-stuff-i-dont-like env-vars-are-all-lies fix-up-docs get-shortcuts implement-more-tests master nothing-to-do-means-run-firstrun paulcbetts-patch-1 remove-ionic run-on-install setup-create shortcut-fixes update-bzip2 Nothing to show 1.5.2

In Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry(Pro and Enterprise): If I turned on .net framework 3.5, I can check and get KB3205404 in Windows Update list, when I install KB3205404, KB3205378(for 4.6.2) won't If it were a company doing embedded systems for the defense industry I'd understand, but from a company that deals with invoices… you must be kidding!  Khaja Minhajuddin March 25, A self-aggrandizing opinion takes even less work than that "skill" thing you seem to think is moderately important. http://gsdclb.org/trying-to/trying-to-download-besecure-software.php This is officially the dumbest thing I've read all week.

I may be a newbie .net programmer, but I choose to learn it (in C#) because I think that it is amazing… and I can see how much of what you It's probably not worth trying to explain the difference here. The app was an internal WinForm 1.1 app, with a webservice backend, since the users were not all in the same location. Tools such as NHibernate, Castle Windsor, lots of .NET devs host code on github for instance, use open-source build tools (Rake, CruiseControl), or use NoSQL style databases such as MongoDB (check

That's the version i'm on and i'm having issues installing the Dec 2016 update. 2 weeks ago Reply Dan Weiser JP, it is only for Net Framework 4.6.2. there are start ups who are legitimately using .net because they don't need to look directly into the tcp/ip stack. Would a civilization on a planet with no natural Uranium-235 NEED to first achieve fusion before it can build nukes? You should ensure that a supported version of the .NET Framework is installed in your environment, on Windows desktops and servers.

You've seen few ".Net" "enterprise" programmers that "evolved" from VB to VB.Net in drag&drop world and you think that's where the world ends. .Net is one of the most compelling platforms