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Trying To Set Up Home Network.

The fix: Remove (or upgrade) any older client devices (especially 802.11b) that may still be on the network. Use 5GHz channels whenever possible. WEP is no longer secure. That old cell phone or laptop that you use occasionally may be bringing down your performance, because wireless systems act on the “lowest common denominator” principle, setting the router’s performance to this content

Here’s my pick of 7 classic games to get your LAN party going Planning A LAN Party? The Best Home Network Security Plan Wireless Mac Filter Setup Guide What is DHCP Lease Time and What Should I Set it to? And many new models, like Google Wifi, are geared toward extreme ease-of-use, offering fast, seamless app-based set up. This can severely limit the wireless performance of the router.

A new router's basic settings Though the design of the web interface is opened varies from one vendor to another, most of them have granular menus. It's always helpful to back up the router's settings before you make changes. You can also purchase something called a “USB NAS adapter” for around $100; these simply take a USB drive, and turn it into networked storage. Working With Static IPs Now that you have some IP addresses available, you'll need to manually assign them to devices that need static addresses.

If your Internet service has this restriction, you can (through the adminstrator console) update the MAC address of the router with the MAC address of the device you were using previously to avoid WEP is no longer secure. Configure it the same way you did your regular wireless network, but be sure to assign it a different passphrase. Once the ISP supplied router is in bridge mode, just follow the above steps to get your new router online.

Read More ; click on the link to read more about their differences. Most routers these days are managed via a Web browser and are shipped using a default IP address, administrator account, and password. Windows PCs also allow you to share data among network users. BrandPostsLearn more Sponsored by Sennheiser As Workplace Collaboration Evolves, Wireless Audio Conferencing Plays a Key