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Trying to block RAM

Trying to Boot From PCMCIA Card

trying to Boot.

trying to change .TIF into .xif

Trying to add video to a webpage!?!?!?!?

trying to connect computer wirelessly

Trying to clean off oneclicksearch

Trying to change from Windows 2000 to 98SE

trying to build a new computer

Trying to compile bans for limited account users

Trying to access Next Window

trying to avoid inserting CD

Trying to change FSB to 800Mhz on P4C800 Deluxe mobo.

trying to configue hp plotter to plot with ethernet cable

Trying to build a PC

Trying to change irq

Trying to clean up . Please help w/ hjt log

Trying to configure my TT Philips (?) SNA5630NS/05 router

Trying to confirm I'm clean

Trying to connect a CAT5E printer to a USB port

Trying to connect my laptop to my tv

Trying to clean up Spy Sheriff attack

trying to delete cookies

Trying to connect to gf's router

trying to download besecure software

Trying to defrag- 'Lost defrag engine connection'

trying to delete Istsvc

Trying to connect.

Trying to factory reset my laptop (windows 8.1)

trying to delete kazaa

Trying to clean friend's teenage daughter's computer.

Trying to burn Slackware 12.0 using XP.having issues

Trying To Convert A SVCD To DVD

Trying to figure out if I should buy from NewEgg

Trying to dual boot XP and Win98 using two physical drives

Trying to determine if it is a Hardware issue

Trying to Download winmix

Trying to fix fallout from bad RAM card

trying to get rid of chinese in google and msn

Trying to Create Paritition

trying to get rid of frmwrk32.exe virus?

Trying to connect to friend's wireless

trying to get old boston digital BA7500G to work

Trying to fix my gf's computer

trying to get rid of http://www.nkvd.us/1507/

Trying to get used to Widescreen

Trying to get internet onto PC from wireless laptop :p

Trying to find software that will straighten "crooked" scan images

Trying to bring my Toshiba laptop back from the dead

Trying to get original search

trying to free up a slot

trying to find win98 (winword)

Trying to get Quicktime to play 5.1 audio

TRying to automate a Batch in Photoshop? But it shows greyed out

Trying To install IJJI game

Trying to help my husband who has jacked up his computer on a porn site

Trying to even out 3 PC's

Trying to decide between E6600 and the E6700

Trying to get rid of Trojan horse Adload_r.AKC

trying to find.

Trying to help set up network

Trying to install Access 97 on WinXP

Trying to help sister n law with black worm

Trying to fix the bosses computer.

Trying to get s-video in to work on my PVR 150MCE

Trying to get Gaming-Network back to life

Trying to get modem

Trying to get the Downloads folder in start menu

Trying to get Hammer and Sickle to run on windows 7

Trying to extract files from hard drive

trying to install windows live

Trying to install W2K

Trying to go wireless

trying to fix trojan vundo-messed up need help

Trying to Download

Trying to get my Creative SBlive 5.1 to run in dos.Help!

Trying to Get a Wireless Router Routed

Trying to 'fix' W2k with new CD version

trying to install win2K


Trying to download hijackthis

Trying to flash BIOS

Trying to download HiJack This

Trying to help a friend find an AGP video card for Around $160 or less

Trying to load Office Professional 2003

Trying to Fix Daughter's Computer - Popup Frenzy

Trying to Fix my girlfriends computer HIJACK THIS

trying to install a non existent printer

Trying to print causes any software to crash.

Trying to install Propad 6!

trying to load 2000

Trying to Install XP from 98

Trying to Print Checks from AS400

Trying to help a friend with vundo.

trying to install radeon 9250 pci graphics card

Trying to connect to Network w/NT 4.0

Trying to install XP on Dell Inspiron 3800

Trying to Overclock a AMD 3800

trying to help buddy with xp

trying to help friend with modem

trying to overclock athlon64 fx-44

Trying to load a new OS

trying to overclock fx62 on m2n32sli-deluxe with ocz ddr 1066

Trying to download free AVG but it says I have Norton

Trying to Pass array

Trying to get a good webcam

Trying to Network.confused.

Trying to Install

trying to play a dvd on windows vista

Trying to Install Windows Xp on raid 0 setup

Trying to find multiple shortcut editor

trying to install a hard drive in Netvista

Trying to Format with DLA

trying to loadTiger Woods 99 / windows error message

trying to make copy

trying to get dsl connection on laptop

Trying to locate lost Scan Gun?

Trying to Connect to Microsoft Services

trying to install Adobe premiere elements 3.0

Trying to help a friend out(Plz chk HJT Log)

Trying to optimize Windows XP on HP desktop

Trying to identify loc32vco.dll

trying to remove something on the screen

trying to open msconfig=can not create a short cut

Trying to do HIJACK

Trying to fix my rents computer. Here's the HijackThis logfile-Appreciate any help!

trying to find autocare.exe for downloading to my XP pro

trying to set up a network

TRying to Remove Spylocked Malware

Trying to find Bill Castners fixpolicies.exe

Trying to reinstall office 97 - missing lots of files

Trying To Remove SysProtect - Logfile of HijackThis

trying to run f disk

Trying to Ghost my Laptop Gateway 400VTX

trying to mimick work setup

Trying to set up an SSL tunnel at school.

Trying to remove Tesllar A trojan - HELP!

Trying to locate AcroRd32.exe

trying to install new drivers

Trying to Save As a .gif but always get .bmp

trying to set up G-mail through O.Express .

Trying to play movies in safe mode

Trying to make an old favorite work.

Trying to remove Think Point

trying to remove ultimate cleaner 2007

Trying to remap throttle buttons on ST90 joystick

Trying to Network

Trying to help Mom - long post

Trying to play a .AVI file.but says "Error Downloading Codec"

Trying to set up message filters in Netscape Communicator

Trying to remember Access.

Trying to set up a Live webcam

Trying to set up old computer

Trying to revive daughter's old 486.

Trying to remove Zlob Trojan - Help Please!

Trying to revive older PC -Dr. Frankenstein

trying to set up raid

Trying to play Wishbone and the Amazing Odyssey

Trying to removal this virus Mal/EncPK-BP

Trying to remove a hijacker from XP SP2

Trying to open .pdf causes firefox to crash

Trying to set up vpn between linksys and netopia router

Trying to rid computer of host block virus

trying to rid myself of this - PSW.x-Vir.HELP!

Trying to set up wireless bridge.having issues. Pleaes help!

Trying to use separate monitor & HP Projector at same time on HP DV7 4190US laptop

Trying to watch high def TV on abc.com; choppy picture

trying to run vista recovery disk

Trying to use TV as monitor for laptop with ATI Radeon Xpress 1100

trying to setup simple network but im a n00b

Trying to remove Kazaa

Trying to remove malware - request help: AGENT.FL; Vendo Trojan; MWSSRCAS.dll

Trying to print to a network printer from a DOS program; partial success

Trying to use TV on ATI Radeon 7500!

Trying to remove google-redirect virus: help with hijackthis log

Trying to find driver.

trying to use vundofix.exe but not working

Trying To Remove Popnav. Please Help With Hijack This Log

trying to open email closes browser

Trying To Install Office Sb2000 On Vista

Trying to use ZenMIcroPhoto8gb as pc hd

trying to using my sony cybershot as a webcam.help

Trying to upgrade power supply

Trying to set up this network

trying to tune up computer/hijack this log

Trying to verify Drive Failure

Trying to setup a mobile / detachable sub-LAN

Trying to instsall fax software

Trying to understand the gui side of c++

Trying to use ICS with ZoneAlarm

Trying to send a flyer to multiple recepients.help!

Trying to rid Clientman

Trying to restore from Backup. Might be in bad shape now.

Trying to recover a file.

Trying to Remove Zlob.Trojan

Trying to remove Deal Spy IE Plugin

Trying to remove Inspasio.exe

Trying to remove Miamore (?)

Trying to upload an mp3

Trying to track down a pblm with explorer.exe

Trying to make Rescue flash drive of w8.1

trying to update from windows 98 to office 2000/HELP

trying to update software written in .NET

Trying to Open Some Image Files ~ No Success!

Trying to install a superdisk 120 . anyone know how ?

Trying to upload DVD.Uuughhh!

Trying to help out a friend.HiJackThis incl.

Trying to rid computer of all spyware/p.ups HijackThis log enclosed

Trying to use ActiveSync. but port 26675 is blocked. NO Firewall or Antivirus!

Trying to uninstall a program - "cannot install.log file"

Trying to remove AZE Toolbar

Trying to install Spyware Guard XP error

Trying to find drivers for a packard bell easynote

trying to get best performance

Trying to zrmove Norton Antivirus 2002

Trying to set up Home Network.

trying to share adsl

Trying to use 2 diffrent sata HDD

Trying to use the XP fax program

trying to reinstall smartsuite millenium on Vista

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