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What do I mean? You do it like this: cd /dir/dir1/dir2/dirn. That number is the UID [user-id] of the account. Stay logged in Sign up now! http://gsdclb.org/trojan-horse/trojan-horse-generic-11-av-trojan-horse-dropper-generic-aamd.php

Unix associates numbers with account names. Change the access in other words. This is distributed under PHAZE Inc. A quick modification, removing the "login: " and leaving the password may have it look like SU, so you can get the root password.

Whats up? The defaults are ones that came with the operating system, in standard form. Say you get in and modify the passwd file and make a root level account unpassworded, so you can drop in.

  1. Format: finger username grep - search for patterns in a file.
  2. If you kill the shell process, you are logged off.
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  5. TERM - This is your terminal type.
  6. They are as follows: /etc/passwd - This is probably the most important file on a Unix.
  7. There are a lot of other schemes for hacking unix, lots of others, from writing assembly code that modifies the PCB through self-changing code which the interrupt handler doesn't catch, and
  8. You can supply an argument at the command line, or leave a blank message, then it will prompt for one.
  9. If you do not have execute permissions in a directory, you won't be able to execute anything in the directory, most of the time. _____________________________________________________________________________ -------------- Hacking: -------------- The first step

Each Mail program makes its own headings. Now the shell that we usually will work with is a command interpreter. Think about it: You'll have access to whatever the owner of the file does. If you get in with those you can get into the more advanced hacking (getting root).

Jzrroqz bonom cdz s 462494. usually, the first thing in a process list given by "ps" is your shell name. man - show a manual page entry. You'll have to test the unix by trying to send mail to a friend somewhere, or just mailing yourself.

You cannot simply type in echo 4 + 5 and get an answer most of the time. Well, this is not the case with UNIX. Basically, most executables are programmed in C. Get the idea?

the "rwx--x--x" is the file permission. [Explained Later] the "sirhack sirh" is the owner of the file/group the file is in. What do I mean? Join over 733,556 other people just like you! Becuase if you want to learn C, go buy a book.

all it is, is when every password field in the password file has an "x" or just a single character. http://gsdclb.org/trojan-horse/trojan-horse-generic-yw-please-help.php Here is another: /* * Hose another user */ #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #define NMAX sizeof(ubuf.ut_name) struct utmp ubuf; struct termio oldmode, mode; struct utsname name; int The dots represent omitted crap. I wouldn't be too quick to reformat.

Unix does not deal with account names (logins) but rather the number associated with them. You can usually tell when you'll get a menu. The group permissions would not apply to him, meaning he would have no permissions, so he couldn't touch the file, right? navigate here Network Annoyances come later.

However, I do not want to give away everything, and this was not meant for advanced Unix Hackers, or atleast not the ones that are familiar with 68xxx, 80386 Unix assembly So, if I said "kill 122" I would be logged off. whenever you use SU, your best bet would be to edit this file if possible, and I'll tell you how and why in the section about using "su". /usr/adm/loginlog or /usr/adm/acct/loginlog

Then later, AVG popped out and said it detected another one of the same infection, which was removed afterwards as well.

Each login can have a unique "shell". Because I am quite inexperienced with trojan backdoors, I don't know if the trojan generics can also be cleaned by reformatting my computer, or if there are more different trojans. In the Second example, the demo account has no password. I received a "Threat Removal Completed" window when it finished restarting.

Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? Now, if the group named 'root' has access to read, write and execute, they could do just that. Message from scythian on tty001 at 17:32 hey! his comment is here Now, this is why you'd want a semi-permanent account.

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