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Trying Phrase Express Again


Those must not be connected to the database. After registering the USB stick, close PhraseExpress to make sure, that PhraseExpress writes the registration information on the USB stick. The backup feature is disabled in the program settings. Alternatively, just drag the file(s) into the desired phrase folder of the phrase tree view. check over here

Thank you so much for following up! The PhraseExpress clients must have the same major version number as the PhraseExpress server. To restrict a phrase (folder) to specific programs: Launch the program(s) you wish to define include/exclude from PhraseExpress. Use the CTRL and/or SHIFT keys to select multiple objects in the tree.

Phraseexpress Tutorial

If you do not need the phrase file anymore, delete them in the Windows file explorer. If possible, reverse program restrictions and allow to all programs except unwanted applications. Examples: Keyboard input Phrase contents Pasted text max maximum maximum Max maximum Maximum MAX maximum MAXIMUM SmartCaps feature requirements: Phrases must begin with lower case. The online update feature on the client installations is disabled while the clients are connected to the PhraseExpress server.

License Shows parts of the license key associated to the user. The correct word goes under “Description” and the mistake goes in the “Autotext” field. Program window search Open the main program window. Phraseexpress Portable Advertisement You can actually use any AutoHotkey code for the REPLACETEXT in the example, as long as you end it with a Return—so if you wanted to trigger a more in-depth

Phrase files can be stored on a local hard disk or network share. Example prefix/postfix settings: Prefix Postfix Explanation Notes Default Default An autotext such as 'eth' is only recognized when entered as a separate word. PhraseExpress can save hours of typing in technical support, customer care, help desk, call center and medical transcription. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Rename the current phrase file with the file extension .pxp or move it to another folder. Phraseexpress Windows 10 Matches are displayed in a flat list: Click any phrase in the list to edit it. Connect to a PhraseExpress server by selecting File » Open » Connect to PhraseExpress server. Is that what you mean?

Phraseexpress Manual

Click into the search box below the tree view (or press CTRL-F). The module learns from the corrections and will add the typo and correction to its database to offer the use the corrected item right away when a typo is made.Another interesting Phraseexpress Tutorial Any PhraseExpress user settings will be deleted. Phraseexpress Not Working Trouble-Shooting Following trouble-shooting tips should be able to help you if you experience connection issues with the PhraseExpress Network Edition: General Make sure to use the latest software version.

in 'Ethan', within 'methane' and in the end of the word 'Beth'. It's all about saving time and keystrokes.Setting Up Text ExpansionWhen it comes to text expansion tools, you've got lots of choices depending on the platform you're running. Red-colored status text indicates a problem. customdic_en_US Custom spelling corrections added to the internal spelling checker. Phraseexpress Autotext Not Working

If you do not get any suggestions check the trouble-shooting section. To restrict a desktop menu to particular programs right-click any desktop menu item or its title bar and select "Restrict to specific programs" (also see chapter "program restrictions"). ConcurrentUser licenses are automatically released from the user after disconnection. Guess what, Phrase Express saves me a lot of time everyday.Note: Phrase Express is available as a freeware for non-commercial use.

Then the program takes forever to load and operate.Last but worst, Direct Access cost 50 bucks while Phrase Express is free!I use PhraseExpress and praise it.Derrick ReplyLeave a Reply Click here Phraseexpress Alternative This useful function is actually not an additional feature of PhraseExpress but just uses various existing PhraseExpress macro functions for this task. I just wish I could get it to save what I create!

As the settings for the general write- and configuration access rights (the check boxes "W" and "C" in the monitor tab of the Client Manager) are not stored as these settings

Image Credit: Fast Typing on Laptop via Shutterstock Previous PostWMPKeys: Adds Global Hot Keys To Windows Media PlayerNext PostNanoStudio: A $14 iOS Music Workstation With Free Windows And Mac Versions 19 This option is suitable e.g. To manually connect the PhraseExpress client to a SQL server, open the main program window and select File » Open » Connect to a SQL server Make sure to have the Phraseexpress Review What was a decent GTD app has now become a nightmare.

Great software.See my full review and video here: http://capitalogix.typepad.com/public/2010/09/how-typing-less-is-typing-better-with-phraseexpress.html Reply Richard December 16, 2010 at 9:51 pm # @Michael: "PhraseExpress is offered without feature crippling to all home users free-of-charge."?? Click File » Open and select a phrase file source. Delete the phrase file (including automatically created backups) in Windows Explorer manually. Multiple users can now access the same phrase file.